Manage Your Brand, or Become JC Penny


April 15, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

MainStreet17I’ve written about the threat Amazon poses to Main Street with its plans for same-day product delivery. Today’s entrepreneur faces continuing challenges on many fronts to survive. Amazon is just one.

However, Main Street can compete with Amazon, as along as the entrepreneur clearly understands the value proposition and branding they offer to their customers.

That is why the JC Penny branding mess that sliced 30% off the top line is an important case study for Main Street. While you must embrace change, you also can’t forget your soul.

Here are the four takeaways:

1) What got you there, won’t keep you there.
2) Lock onto true north before changing anything
3) Iconic brands are typecast
4) Be committed no matter what

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