September 6, 2017

Maximize Efficiency: Automated decisioning throughout the loan process

How and where can lenders apply technology solutions that provide the biggest impact to their small business clients and streamline the loan process? Enhancing the client experience remains a top priority for all financial institutions looking to stay competitive, especially in the midst of the booming alternative lending space. Considering small business capital applications are typically more substantial than those for larger client segments, the key is to maximize efficiencies and apply automated decisioning throughout the loan process.

Innovative technology solutions available today can prompt that automation with a self-guided, impactful client experience on the front end, and automated credit decisioning on the back end. Leveraging technology that applies business rules to determine a specified loan type, max term, or rate, as well as the overall eligibility of an applicant builds these efficiencies. By routing conventional applications through an automated decisioning platform, a resulting dual-approval process can yield multiple offerings when applicable. Join us for this session with Moody’s Analytics as we discuss how adopting some of the latest technology solutions can yield competitive advantages and bring the focus back to the customer.