Moody’s Analytics Webinar: Optimize Every Step of Small Business Lending

Moody’s Analytics Webinar: Optimize Every Step of Small Business Lending

moodysgraphic031017From prospecting and loan applications all the way through to monitoring and portfolio management, the small business lending process is rife with inefficiencies and sub-optimal processes. Lending practices have come a long way in recent years, facilitated by the emergence of agile FinTech players and massive advancements in the ability to capture, store, access, analyze, and apply data. Workflow solutions have automated components of historically manual processes. Everywhere-access to the internet and mobile devices have changed how businesses interact. Digitization and electronic transfer of data are replacing pen and paper across industries.

Lenders of all sizes are seeking to adapt to these trends to stay competitive and relevant. At the same time, senior leaders seem hesitant to move too quickly – they’re juggling regulatory requirements, bank credit policies, change management challenges, and, sometimes, a persistent skepticism about customer receptiveness to and adoption of new technologies.

Adapting doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning existing approaches and starting over. By identifying and addressing the gaps and opportunities in existing processes, from loan application to credit analysis to funding to monitoring, lenders can jump the change management hurdles one by one, and gain real efficiencies today while making steady progress toward more powerful solutions for them and their customers. The next generation of technologies and analytics enables lenders to improve productivity, decrease costs, and better manage risks. Moody’s Analytics will discuss opportunities to optimize practices within each stage of the small business lending process based on our research and work with clients across the industry and around the world.

Nancy Michael, Senior Director of Product Strategy
Michael Schwartz, Director of Business Development

To learn more, join our complimentary webinar on March 23rd at 1:00pm CT/2:00pm ET.