Mug Shot Monday – Party Like a Rock Star

January 25, 2013

Add in a fatal dose of celebrity worship by the banker about the rock band, Lights over Paris for this edition of Mug Shot Monday. Frontman, Robb University, partied like a rock star until he was arrested earlier this month for making a false statement in a loan application.

He lived in a 35-story luxury high-rise in downtown Los Angeles, took trips to the Caribbean, Europe and South America, and purchased a luxury tour bus that cost more than $750,000.

One of the band’s released song even made the Billboard chart.

Writes the AP, “Over a nearly two-year period, beginning in August 2009, Mawhinney (the real name) sought and obtained four loans from Comerica Bank totaling about $6.2 million, according to court documents. He provided statements that claimed he had nearly $8 million in assets, but it turned out his account had only about $10,000, authorities said.

“Loan officers even visited a recording studio in Burbank to determine if Mawhinney was credit-worthy. There, the singer said he was a successful ghostwriter for various artists and sought the loans to finish a recording room in the studio, among other expenses, court documents show.”

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