Mugshot Monday, Exonaration Style


June 10, 2013

gavelMissed in the headlines from the Bank of the Commonwealth guilty convictions two weeks ago is a complete and full exoneration of one of the bank vice presidents on trial.

Simon Hounslow, a former vice president and chief lending officer at the bank, spent 47 days on trial in U.S. District Court alongside his co-defendants: Woodard, the bank’s former president and CEO; Stephen Fields, another vice president; Woodard’s son, T. Brandon Woodard, a mortgage officer; and bank customer Dwight Etheridge.

On Wednesday, to complete Hounslow’s exoneration, Judge Raymond A. Jackson, who tried the case, released the government’s hold on Hounslow’s bank accounts, his two vehicles, a camper and his home in Chesapeake. The government had seized the property upon filing the indictment against him and the others in July of last year.

Now he is free to do with it as he wishes. That means little to him compared with keeping his freedom. And seeing his daughter.

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