MultiFunding Business Loan Advisors Launch Coronavirus Support

March 18, 2020

By: Caity Witucki
Contributing Editor

MultiFunding Business Loan Advisors Launch Coronavirus Support

MultiFunding Business Loan Advisors recently launched a CoronaVirus Support thread for SBA lenders and borrowers to get the latest information about SBA disaster loans. The thread includes options for community members to ask questions, share information or write a short blog post related to the topic of coronavirus disaster assistance.

Ami Kassar, the CEO of Multifunding LLC, has already answered numerous questions since the thread was opened on March 15, 2020, including questions about repayment terms, interest rates, loan amounts, and eligibility. 

“Many business owners are concerned about the impact of the virus on their business and cash flow over the next few months,” says Kassar. “It is important to know that regular SBA loans are still available through banks and we have not seen any changes in their underwriting yet.”

Kassar, is also offering a one-hour interactive webinar series focused on Coronavirus Emergency Funding. During the webinar, Kassar will discuss the status of SBA emergency programs, existing SBA program alternatives, the importance of filing 2019 returns, liquidity, tips to negotiate deferments on current loans, preparing a revised forecast / budget for 2020, and online loans to watch out for and stay away from. The webinar series will air daily at 12:00 PM EST through March 20, 2020.

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