Zions Bank, US Bank Top Nevada SBA 7(a) Lender Rankings for FY 2023

RANKLender# Loans$ AmountAverage Loan Size
1Zions Bank, A Division of (UT)45$23,192,100$515,380
2Enterprise Bank & Trust (MO)12$22,053,000$1,837,750
3City National Bank (CA)8$21,789,500$2,723,688
4America First FCU (UT)15$20,542,700$1,369,513
5Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)29$19,496,500$672,293
6Live Oak Banking Company (NC)14$17,270,000$1,233,571
7U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)102$17,114,300$167,787
8First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)10$14,916,000$1,491,600
9First Bank of the Lake (MO)11$14,210,500$1,291,864
10Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)47$9,270,200$197,238
11Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)18$7,858,000$436,556
12Byline Bank (IL)7$7,245,000$1,035,000
13Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)15$6,877,500$458,500
14Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC (CA)6$6,110,200$1,018,367
15Western Alliance Bank (AZ)8$6,050,000$756,250
16Bank of America, National Association (SC)15$5,953,400$396,893
17BayFirst National Bank (FL)39$5,737,000$147,103
18BMO Bank National Association (WI)7$5,371,400$767,343
19The Huntington National Bank (OH)15$5,269,000$351,267
20Fund-Ex Solutions Group, LLC (FL)2$4,709,000$2,354,500
21Oconee State Bank (GA)5$4,454,300$890,860
22United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)4$4,319,500$1,079,875
23Bank of Hope (CA)6$4,213,000$702,167
24Meadows Bank (NV)5$4,031,100$806,220
25First Chatham Bank (GA)1$3,752,000$3,752,000
26Stone Bank (AR)1$3,570,000$3,570,000
27Customers Bank (PA)5$3,471,700$694,340
28West Town Bank & Trust (IL)2$3,430,000$1,715,000
29CTBC Bank Corp. (USA). (CA)1$2,800,000$2,800,000
30Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company (LA)3$2,503,900$834,633
31Valley Bank of Nevada (NV)2$2,268,200$1,134,100
32Orrstown Bank (PA)1$2,125,000$2,125,000
33CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)8$1,807,100$225,888
34Plumas Bank (NV)3$1,763,500$587,833
35Centerstone SBA Lending, Inc. (CA)2$1,750,000$875,000
36LendingClub Bank, National Association (IL)1$1,715,000$1,715,000
37VelocitySBA, LLC (CA)1$1,699,000$1,699,000
38JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)6$1,689,600$281,600
39GBank (NV)2$1,436,200$718,100
40Cadence Bank (MS)6$1,430,000$238,333
41Mountain America FCU (UT)7$1,319,000$188,429
42Five Star Bank (CA)4$1,275,000$318,750
43Berkshire Bank (MA)1$1,265,000$1,265,000
44Dogwood State Bank (NC)1$1,247,000$1,247,000
45Colony Bank (GA)2$1,241,000$620,500
46US Metro Bank (CA)1$1,240,000$1,240,000
47KeyBank National Association (OH)1$1,200,000$1,200,000
48First National Bank of Pennsylvania (NC)1$1,143,000$1,143,000
49Fountainhead SBF LLC (FL)1$1,000,000$1,000,000
50EverTrust Bank (CA)1$1,000,000$1,000,000
51First National Bank of Coffee County (GA)1$995,000$995,000
52Pathward National Association (SD)1$925,000$925,000
53Open Bank (CA)2$903,000$451,500
54Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)7$897,700$128,243
55First Savings Bank (IN)2$890,000$445,000
56First Bank (NC)2$865,800$432,900
57Genisys CU (MI)1$860,000$860,000
58United Business Bank (CA)1$855,000$855,000
59DreamSpring (NM)3$774,500$258,167
60Mortgage Capital Development Corporation (CA)4$760,000$190,000
61Cache Valley Bank (UT)3$750,000$250,000
62Tandem Bank (GA)5$724,000$144,800
63T Bank, National Association (TX)2$717,700$358,850
64Community Banks of Colorado, A Division of (CO)1$648,000$648,000
65Citizens Bank (TN)2$608,500$304,250
66Lexicon Bank (NV)2$575,000$287,500
67Greater Nevada CU (NV)1$559,200$559,200
68First Savings Bank (SD)2$550,000$275,000
69GenuBank (NV)3$530,000$176,667
70Hanover Community Bank (NY)1$514,000$514,000
71ConnectOne Bank (NY)1$498,000$498,000
72CRF Small Business Loan Company, LLC (MN)2$485,000$242,500
73Locality Bank (FL)1$450,000$450,000
74Royal Business Bank (CA)1$419,000$419,000
75Quaint Oak Bank (PA)1$375,000$375,000
76State Bank of Southern Utah (UT)1$350,000$350,000
77Financial Security Bank (MN)1$315,000$315,000
78Northeast Bank (ME)4$207,300$51,825
79Bank of Bridger, National Association (MT)1$200,000$200,000
80California Statewide Certified Development Corporation (CA)1$168,000$168,000
81First Security Bank of Nevada (NV)1$150,000$150,000
82Capital Community Bank (UT)1$150,000$150,000
83East West Bank (CA)2$125,000$62,500

Source: Lumos Data