New Email and Processing Tips to Resolve Error 4363 for Existing SBA Loans

Many lenders and borrowers are complaining their SBA loan applications are lying in a black hole with Etran 4363 processing compliance codes errors.Most can be resolved with additional information.

However, clearing error codes about existing SBA loans is problematic 

SBA is generally prohibited from sharing details about compliance issues on existing SBA loans directly with SBA Lenders due to privacy concerns and legal obligations.

SBA has a couple of ways to help resolve this problems.

Frist, a new dedicated help email

SBA lenders must provide SBA Form 2518 executed by the borrower 

To address these concerns and to enable SBA to provide additional details about most compliance issues and steps to resolve them, SBA Lenders should submit a Borrower’s Consent to Verify Information and 3rd Party Authorization (SBA Form 2518), signed by the borrower, with the request for resolution.  Even with a signed Borrower Authorization, there will be instances where SBA is unable to share details about the compliance issue on the existing loan.

Here is the format for the email:

  • Email:
  • Subject Line: Error 4363 – Application XXX (enter your app number)
  • Body of Email: If known, please include the loan number and the Loan Program (COVID EIDL, PPP, etc.) for the existing SBA loan that you believe may be causing the error. If loan number for the existing loan is unknown, please provide the last 4 digits of the Tax Id that is causing the error.
  • Reviewing compliance issues on existing loans can be a time-consuming process that may involve SBA obtaining additional documentation from the borrower.
  • Compliance issues cannot always be resolved by paying off the loan.  

Finally, SBA ends the notice with this warning

  • In many cases, the compliance issue will not be able to be resolved.

Download SBA Form 2518