New SBA Acting Administrator Says SBA’s Mission is to Expand Access to Capital for Main Street, Help Train Entrepreneurs


September 11, 2013

Jeanne Hulit-Hi-Rez-200x280By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

Orlando, September 11 — In her first major speech as SBA Acting Administrator, Jeanne Hulit addressed 1,500 small business professionals at the America’s Small Business Development Company conference in Orlando today.

Following the tradition of Karen Mills, Jeanne, while giving a nod to the President’s agenda, did not spend her time repeating Administration small business talking points.

Rather, she emphasized the fact that she knows her responsibility is to ensure Main Street has access to capital and opportunities for learning.

And the stats never get old. America’s 28 million small business owners create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the United States.

2.5 million veterans now own a small business, creating over 6 million jobs.

And 100,000 of these veterans received training and counseling from a SBDC.

Why is this important?

“We do know that entrepreneurs who receive counseling and take advantage of courses have higher sales and employment numbers,” said Hulit.

In her past positions as a SBA regional administrator and associate administrator for capital access, she acknowledges small business loan market gaps exists. “We know entrepreneurs are not getting the capital they need to scale their operations.”

“Our goal at the SBA is to expand access and opportunity to promising businesses throughout the country.”

“SBA is a small agency, but we have enormous reach and a critical mission.” She emphasized the importance of partnerships to help achieve the agency’s goals.

Jeanne concluded, “I am truly honored to serve as your acting administrator, and will work to create more access to capital and opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country.”