One of the Better Blogs for Main Street is………….


October 30, 2013

yourethebossBy Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

One of the better blogs written for the small business entrepreneur is the New York Time’s “You’re the Boss.”

Gene Marks does a nice job selecting important stories each day that can help Main Street run their small businesses.

Check out the following topics from one day last week.

1. The new crowd funding rules proposed by the SEC

2. Global economic uncertainties cause Caterpillar to predict flat sales

3. American small business owners are more optimistic than a year ago

4. Home prices rose .3% in August

5. Many middle-class Americans plan to work until they die

6. Creating a community by honoring individuality can motivate employees

7. “Tell me about the last person you fired,” is a probing interview question

8. Over half of US customers switched service providers last year

9. Office Max is looking for contestants to show how $24,000 would power up their business

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