Pepperdine Small Business Report Says Main Street Expects a 6% Sales growth in the next 12 Months


July 18, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

ceverettMore from the Boefly franchise lending conference in Southern California.

Tip of the hat to Boefly for an outstanding event matching franchisors with lenders. Six franchisors had 30 minutes to present their concept and pitched lenders with stats and info to convince them to finance their franchisees. If you have a chance to attend one these “match-making” sessions you would find it well worth a day out of the office.

I had the privilege of sharing keynote speech duties with Craig Everett, the director of the quarterly Pepperdine Private Capital Access Index.

And speaking of stats! If you are a numbers geek, you will love his work!

Here are some telling stats from the Pepperdine School of Business’ latest report.

1) 59% of small businesses say it is difficult to raise new business financing

2) Only 33% of small businesses were able to obtain a loan

3) A small business has an average of 4.6 financing relationships – (includesg credit cards.)

4) 56% have net incomes less than $100,000

5) 24% report incomes between $100,000 to $500,000

6) 68% have less than five employees

7) 24% of small businesses attempted to raise financing in the last 3 months

8) 41% of small businesses’ owners tapped into personal reserves the last 3 months

9) 45% are not planning on hiring in the next 6 months

10) The average projected revenue change in the next 12 months is plus 6%

11) However, the average revenue change the past 12 months was negative 0.4%

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