Preparing the 7(a) Guaranty Purchase Package Starts at Origination

Ethan Smith, Partner, Starfield & Smith, P.C. advises that preparing the 10-tab purchase package should start at origination.

 Start at origination! Organize and build your loan files following the mandatory 10-Tab System used to organize purchase requests. Audit yourself — are all forms & documentation in order?

 Thoroughly follow instructions and provide complete information to speed up the purchase request process.

 ALWAYS go the NGPC website to get up-to-date instructions and forms!

 Consult with experienced professionals such as SBA attorneys and SBA consultants.

Recorded during the “Preparing the 10-Tab Guaranty Package — A 2013 Update” Coleman Webinar on November 28, 2012.

Watch the video here (1:35 length)