Preparing the SBA Loan Credit Memo — New SOP and COVID Underwriting Guidance

Preparing the SBA Loan Credit Memo — New SOP and COVID Underwriting Guidance
Ensure You Comply with the New SOP 5010 6 Effective October 1 — 75 minutes of Online Training for your staff

Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern

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SBA’s new SOP 5010 6 presents SBA lenders clearer guidance of how to prepare the SBA 7(a) and 504 credit memo. With the added COVID analysis underwriting requirements don’t underestimate the penalties for non-compliance.

A top-10 SBA 7(a) lender learned its credit-memo lessons the hard way, recently settling a Department of Justice false-claim act accusation for $7 million—plus loss of the guaranty, plus jail time for brokers—all stemming from an SBA credit memo the lender’s management believed was compliant.

The SBA’s October 1 SOP creates new challenges and opportunities in SBA 7(a) and 504 lending. Most importantly, the Inspector General has recommended denial of guaranties for all loans that don’t comply.

Here’s the good news: This 75-minute webinar will make your underwriters experts on the SBA 7(a) credit memo. You’ll especially learn about the minefield of possible errors related to equity injection, collateral requirements, financial statements, working capital and eligibility rules.

Above all, this event focuses especially on the most common mistakes likely to provoke red flags and punitive action by SBA auditors, let alone by the Department of Justice, loan committees, bank regulators, your board of directors and other overseers.

This webinar will teach you how to prepare the credit memo efficiently, yet avoid false steps and provide an inspector-general-compliant memo.

Best of all, this training is only $489 (multiple locations from the same organization is a flat fee of $589).

Ensure your underwriting team avoids the greatest credit-memo traps
  • How to account for collateral the SBA way (or, can we really do 100% CRE financing?)
  • Five key time-saving shortcuts for SBA 7(a) loans under $350,000
  • “Working capital adequacy” analysis required of borrower projections
  • How to make your credit-score SBA and regulator compliant.
  • SBA SOP-mandated financial statement analysis
  • Correctly analyzing the impact of affiliates
  • Calculating the debt service coverage ratio the SBA Way
  • Impermissible adjustments to cash flow
  • Business acquisition loan underwriter errors
  • What underwriters need to know about SBA’s equity injection rules
  • Correct completion of SBA forms 159, 912 and 1920.
Plus, COVID-19 Pandemic Credit Memo Issues

According to SBA Procedural Notice 5000-20042, effective August 7 lenders must consider the following
factors when writing credit memos for loans made during the COVID-19 emergency:
• Other loans — such as PPP or EIDL — that could impact cash flow.
• How the applicant’s industry and business operations are impacted by the COVID-19 emergency.
• How restrictions — such as “stay-at-home orders”, social distancing, and trade limitations — have impacted the applicant’s clientele or access to supplies.
• The cost of providing personal protective gear and cleaning materials.
• If the historical financial information reliable based on current market conditions.
• If the applicant is reliant on sales or receivables from a concentrated or diversified customer base.
• If the applicant’s vendor/supplier pool is concentrated or diversified.
• How current market conditions impact collateral.

Taught by National SBA Experts
  • head_coleman

    Bob Coleman, Publisher, Coleman Report

  • head_teckler

    Lance Sexton, Coleman Faculty Instructor

Lance Sexton served as Deputy Director of the SBA Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center managing the Servicing of SBA Loans, the liquidation of SBA Express Loans, and the Liquidation of SBA 504 loans in a 24 state area. Lance has 30 years of experience in the origination, servicing, and liquidation of SBA Loans, ten years of experience directly managing portfolios of SBA loans that are both performing and nonperforming, and six years of experience as a small business owner.

Bob Coleman is the Author of “Money Money Everywhere and Not a Drop for Main Street.” He is the Publisher of the Coleman Report, a trade newsletter and website for SBA and small business lenders. He produces online training videos and webinars for small business lenders to teach them to make less risky loans to Main Street.

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Preparing the SBA Loan Credit Memo — New Underwriting Guidance

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