Reminder: Banks and Credit Unions to Report Fee Income from Nonsufficient Funds and Overdraft Charges by March 1

Joseph Coleman
Managing Editor

As a result of SB 1415, state-chartered banks and credit unions are required to notify the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) annually of the revenue they received from fees on nonsufficient funds and overdraft charges during the calendar year. These reports are due by March 1 so the DFPI can publish the information on its website by March 31.

DFPI has developed a data collection and reporting process. On Friday December 30, reporting institutions received an email from The email has a unique, secure URL provided by, which the DFPI uses to collect and store report data. complies with state IT security requirements and has extensive security measures in place to protect your/our data. Please be sure the email did not end up in your spam folder or get blocked by your firewall.

If you have questions about the report content, please refer to the FAQs or contact Derek Nelson at (banks) or Kim-Phuong Hoang at (credit unions) for more information.

If you have technical questions about the report link or submission, please send an email to