SBA Administrator Mills – “SBA Needs to be more Ubiquitous”

February 26, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Coleman Report

Bloomberg’s John Tozzi got this great quote from outgoing SBA Administrator Karen Mills.

“One of the most important things we hear is the SBA needs to be ubiquitous. We do all these things, but people still don’t know.”

This is her advice to a yet unnamed successor – make SBA more visible to small businesses that can benefit from its programs.

Mills also confirmed our reporting of last week that sequestration won’t impact SBA as much as other government agencies.

John writes, “The SBA has been preparing for such a possibility since last summer Mills said, and won’t have to furlough workers as many agencies must. But spending cuts have already damaged businesses selling to the government. ‘Starting in December, the small business contracting by the Department of Defense went way down,’ she said. ‘The spending got delayed in anticipation of sequester so they didn’t get their contracts.’”

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