SBA Announces 7(a) Lending Approvals Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

March 16, 2023

By Joseph Coleman
President, Coleman Report

CORONADO, CA — SBA Deputy Associate Administrator John Miller announced 7(a) approved dollars in FY2023 ($10.4 B) are back to the levels last seen in FY2018 ($10.5 B) at the America West Small Business Lending Conference in Coronado, CA.

504 lending in FY2023 ($2.6 B) has leveled from record highs in FY2022 ($4.4 B) but still remain higher than pre-pandemic levels.

The new SOP updates will include updates to affiliation and updates to size standards. The release of the date of the SOP 50 10 6.1 has yet to be determined.

Photo: John Miller
Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Capital Access
U.S. Small Business Administration
America West Small Business Lending Conference
March 16, 2023

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