July 16, 2019

SBA Hot Topic Tuesday – SBA Quick OFA Contacts

By Caity Witucki
Contributing Editor, SBA Hot Topic Tuesday

OFA Contacts
Dianna Seaborn, Director OFA dianna.seaborn@sba.gov
Linda Reilly, 504 Division Chief linda.reilly@sba.gov
John Wade, Secondary Market Division Chief john.wade@sba.gov
Robert Carpenter, Acting 7a Division Chief robert.carpenter@sba.gov
Dan Upham, Microloan Division Chief daniel.upham@sba.gov
Community Advantage Communityadvantage@sba.gov
Microloan Microloans@sba.gov
Secondary Market Info Link https://www.sba.gov/partners/lenders/7a-loan-program/secondary-market
912 Submissions Oca912@sba.gov
1081 Submissions Oca1081@sba.gov
504 Contract Reviews, Changes, etc. 504Requests@sba.gov
Origination and Servicing Contacts
Jihoon Kim, Director OFPO Jihoon.kim@sba.gov
7A Submission and checklist Link 7a_Loan_Submission_Checklist_Cover_Sheet_
CAIVRS Help kristi.harris@sba.gov
LGPC 7(a) http://www.sba.gov/CitrusHeightsLGPC/useful-links (877) 475-2435
Loan mods (Prior to first disbursement) 7aloanmod@sba.gov  
Sacramento SLPC (504) http://www.sba.gov/content/mission-slpc (916) 735-1214
“ELIGIBILTY” ONLY questions 7aquestions@sba.gov  
Fresno Servicing Center fsc.postservicing@sba.gov   (504) 800-347-0922
Fresno (FSC) (Servicing)  fsc.servicing@sba.gov   (800) 347-0922
Little Rock Servicing Center (504) lrsc.postservicing@sba.gov  
Little Rock Servicing Center (504 liquidations) lrsc.504liquidation@sba.gov  
Little Rock (LRSC) lrsc.servicing@sba.gov   (800) 644-8564
Little Rock CLSC http://www.sba.gov/littlerockCLSc  
Little Rock Post Servicing   lrsc.postservicing@sba.gov  
Denver Finance Action Desk (Fees) DFCActionDesk@sba.gov   (800)-260-4806 
ARC Interest Payments ARC1502Inquiries@sba.gov  
Liquidation Contacts
Fresno (FSC) – Express Purchase         fsc.purchasing@sba.gov  
Little Rock – Express Purchase lrsc.expresspurchase@sba.gov   
Herndon – Guaranty Purchase info and guidance sbapurchase@sba.gov  
Herndon – Guaranty Purchase Status  purchasestatus@sba.gov  
Herndon – Liquidation info & guidance loanresolution@sba.gov  
Herndon – Regular 7(a) Purchase (10-Tab) http://www.sba.gov/content/regular-7a-guaranty-purchase-package-tabs (703) 487-9283
Herndon Website (Purchases)  http://www.sba.gov/HerndonNGPC   (703) 487-9283
Offer in Compromise  Link to Offer in Compromise Tabs  
OCRM Contacts
Susan Streich, Director OCRM susan.streich@sba.gov  
Nichole Hinds (Lender Invoice Questions) creditriskmgt@sba.gov
OCRM (Questions on Oversight) Lender.Oversight@SBA.gov
Edward Ledford edward.ledford@sba.gov
Paul Kirwin  (504 Inquiries) paul.kirwin@sba.gov
CDC Annual Reports CDCannualreports@sba.gov
RENEWALS, Certificate of good standing 7aDeleAuthRenewal@sba.gov
Request for NEWDelegated Authority 7adeleauthnomination@sba.gov
Request for REINSTATEMENT of expired Authority 7aRedelegationNominations@sba.gov
New Eligibility Links
SBA’s List of Agents from website Lenders must check for excluded parties at Link to SAM.gov search
Religious eligibility worksheet (SBA Form 1971) Form1971Review@sba.gov
Business with aspect of prurient nature must submit its analysis and supporting documentation PSMReview@sba.gov
Statement of No Objection (GS-13 or higher) snomemos@sba.gov
Updated: July 1, 2019