SBA House Small Business Committee Bill Would Establish Whistleblower Program

February 1, 2024

Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editor

“The SBA’s Office of Inspector General estimates that $200 billion dollars in fraud flowed through the pandemic lending programs,” says Chairman Roger Williams. “We must think of innovative ways to help get this money back for the American people, and as a business owner, I know that incentives matter. This legislation will empower people to provide information to the Inspector General and be rewarded monetarily. Commission works, and I am happy to bring my private sector experience to the forefront within the Committee on Small Business.”

Chairman Williams of the House Committee on Small Business released a statement after introducing his bill to the House. The Put America on Commission Act of 2024 would establish an Office of Whistleblower Awards at the SBA. Individuals with credible tips on stolen SBA funds will receive a monetary award if their information leads to a conviction. The Office of Whistleblower Awards would be formed within the SBA’s existing Office of Performance, Planning, and Chief Financial Officer.

House Committee on Small Business Press Release