SBA Updates SBA Forms 1919, 1971 and 2237. Eliminates 1920, 2449. Adds 3518.

SBA revised and renewed SBA Form 1919, “SBA 7(a) Borrower Information Form”; and SBA Form 2237, “7(a) Post-Approval Action Checklist”.

SBA renewed without revision SBA Form 1971, “Religious Eligibility Worksheet”. SBA
eliminated SBA Form 1920, “Lender’s Application for Loan Guaranty”; and is replacing SBA
Form 2449, “Community Advantage Addendum (7(a) Pilot Program)” with the new SBA Form
3518, “Community Advantage Addendum – 7(a) CA SBLC”.

Read Notice 5000-852422 Dated December 26, 2023 here

New SBA Forms are Effective Immediately and Must be Used by January 26, 2024

SBA Form 1919 — Borrower Information Form

SBA Form  1971 — Religious Eligibility Worksheet

SBA Form 2237 — SBA 7(a) Post Approval Action Checklist

SBA Form 3518 — Community Advantage Addendum