SBA Updates SBA SOP 5010, Several Lender Forms

SBA has posted a new update for SBA SOP 5010(E) effective January 2, 2013. Changes include the Small Lender Advantage and 504 closing procedures.

(We will publish a hard copy bound in a soft cover for only $49. We’ll have it ready in a couple of weeks.)

Here is the “clean” copy of the SBA SOP 5010(E)

Click to access SOP%2050%2010%205(E)%20(1-4-2013)%201-2-2013%20eff%20date%20SLA%20+%20504%20closing%20chg%20clean.pdf

Here is the SBA SOP 5010(E) with notated changes

Click to access SOP%2050%2010%205(E)%20(1-4-2013)%201-2-2013%20eff%20date%20SLA%20+%20504%20closing%20chg%20track%20changes.pdf

Also, there are updates for several SBA program forms.

Updated forms include

1) SBA Express, Export Express, Small Loan Advantage, PLP-CAPLines, and Pilot Loan Programs (Patriot Express and Dealer Floor Plan) Guaranty Request

2) SBA Form 4, Application for Business Loan

3) Lender Advantage Program Application for Guaranty

4) SBA Form 20301, Part A, Lender Advantage Loan Application

5) SBA Form 1150, Offer in Compromise

6) Office in Compromise Tabs

A complete list of SBA Lender forms can be accessed here.