Small Business Lending Stats Tuesday — Small Business Creates 86% of Jobs in March

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Small Business Lending Stats Tuesday

I get that number from two stats.

The Labor Department says the economy generated 126,000 new jobs in March.

And ADP says small business jobs increased by 108,000 in March.

Now, I know you can spin stats a number of different ways, but whatever the final numbers, Main Street is more than holding its own in creating jobs for the US economy.

Says the ADP Report:

Private sector small business employment increased by 108,000 jobs from February to March according to the March ADP Small Business Report. Due to the important contribution that small businesses make to economic growth, employment data that are specific to businesses with 49 or fewer employees is reported each month and broadly distributed to the public, free of charge.

March 2015 Small Business Report Highlights

Total Small Business Employment: 108,000

  • By size:
    • 1-19 employees 57,000
    • 20-49 employees 51,000
  • By sector for 1-49 employees:
    • Goods producing 10,000
    • Service providing 98,000
  • By sector for 1-19 employees:
    • Goods producing 5,000
    • Service providing 51,000
  • By sector for 20-49 employees:
    • Goods producing 4,000
    • Service providing 47,000

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