I end up reading a number of small business surveys and most are quite fascinating to those of us who care about the health and attitudes of Main Street.

I ran across one article that said the four things that keep Main Street entrepreneurs up at night are:


1) Growing Revenues
2) Hiring New Employees
3) Government Regulations
4) Cash Flow

I disagree.

When I talk to Main Street, the concerns I hear are:

1) Their own Cash Flow
2) The Economy
3) Access to Capital

Cash flow is always the number one concern.

Yes, everyone want’s to increase revenues and hire the right employees, but those are “challenges,” not something that will close their doors tomorrow. To the people I talk to, “government regulations” tend to fall into that category.

Oh, don’t misunderstand. I know Main Street is concerned about government regulations. But, unless you are in Seattle and facing a 30% increase in your labor costs tomorrow, or run a gun shop or a payday lending store that has had their checking accounts closed, the Main Street I talk to view government regulations an annoyance and something for stimulating dinner conversation, but not something that keeps them up at night.

What are your borrowers telling you?

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