Ten Reasons for Small Business Failure


April 22, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

goingoutofbusinessTen Reasons for Small Business Failure

I’ve written in the past that there is only one reason for small business failure – the journey has become too hard and the entrepreneur simply gives up.

Here is a contrarian view that I don’t necessarily disagree with.

The author also argues failure is up to the owner, but is more expansive.

Here are his ten reasons for small business failure:

1) You blame the economy.

2) You blame other people.

3) You can’t see the forest.

4) You can’t see the trees

5) You’re a control freak.

6) You do what you want.

7) You waste time.

8) You’re arrogant.

9) You’re insecure.

10) You can’t make decision.

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