Ten Reasons for Small Business Failure

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April 22, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

goingoutofbusinessTen Reasons for Small Business Failure

I’ve written in the past that there is only one reason for small business failure – the journey has become too hard and the entrepreneur simply gives up.

Here is a contrarian view that I don’t necessarily disagree with.

The author also argues failure is up to the owner, but is more expansive.

Here are his ten reasons for small business failure:

1) You blame the economy.

2) You blame other people.

3) You can’t see the forest.

4) You can’t see the trees

5) You’re a control freak.

6) You do what you want.

7) You waste time.

8) You’re arrogant.

9) You’re insecure.

10) You can’t make decision.

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