Underwriting the SBA 7(a) and 504 Franchise Loan — Webinar 7/31

A Best Practice SBA Lending Guide Post-Franchise Directory
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A Coleman Webinar
Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern

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Last year’s SBA rule change eliminated the need for lenders to consider control issues when determining affiliates of small business applicants. As part of this change, the SBA no longer publishes the Franchise Directory, leaving lenders solely responsible for ensuring the applicant meets SBA Loan Program Eligibility Requirements.

At the recent Mid-America Lenders’ conference, many expressed anxiety about how to properly analyze and underwrite franchise loan applications. Without the Franchise Directory to rely on, lenders must review complex franchise agreements, Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs), lease documents, and restrictive covenants to identify any potential eligibility issues.

Failure to correctly spot problematic provisions, such as common ownership exceeding SBA’s loan size standards, could result in the business being deemed ineligible, voiding the SBA loan guaranty.

The removal of the Form 2462 requirement also diminishes lenders’ bargaining power with franchisors, who no longer have an incentive to agree to lender-friendly provisions. Lenders risk getting stuck with unfavorable terms if franchisors wait until after financing to execute agreements.

Ultimately, lenders now bear full responsibility for determining eligibility, with little guidance from the SBA on what issues could lead to denial of the guaranty.

Join our comprehensive webinar to learn best practices for underwriting and closing SBA franchise loans, protecting your SBA loan guaranty.

Your team will learn:

• Overview of affiliation based on ownership rules
• Franchise and affiliation rules
• Franchise Eligibility Red Flags
• Underwriting the Franchisor
• SBA SOP guidance for underwriting the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
• Due diligence items to consider with franchise lending
• How experts evaluate franchise opportunities
• Underwriting the Franchise Agreement
• Franchise Covenants Unacceptable for SBA Eligibility
• Underwriting the Franchise Lease
• Know SBA’s definition of “discriminatory hiring”

Your Training Staff

Lance Sexton
A former small business owner, Lance Sexton has a successful history of working with small business owners and students related to entrepreneurship and SBA loan origination, servicing, and liquidation. He has received three training industry awards for his webinar instruction and his 8-week loan closing course. Lance has over 30 years of experience, including ten years directly managing portfolios of SBA loans. Lance was an entrepreneurship faculty member of the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. He is an Executive Vice President of Fountainhead Commercial Capital and has been affiliated with Coleman Publishing for over eight years.

Bob Coleman
Bob Coleman is the founder of Coleman Publishing, a publisher of newsletters, reports, data, conferences, webinars, online training videos — to help finance professionals become small business lending experts. Bob is the nationally recognized expert on small business financing. He has appeared frequently on Fox Business News, NPR and other numerous media outlets. He is sourced by all print media. He is a frequent speaker about small business lending throughout the US and EU. Bob has a BA in Medieval History from the University of California Santa Barbara and a MBA in Real Estate Finance from the University of Southern California. Bob has earned numerous awards as a producer of events and video training. His passion is getting capital to Main Street and Rural American small business.

Coleman Report Webinar Benefits:

  • Coleman Report webinars provide solutions to problems that left unaddressed will jeopardize the SBA loan guarantee.
  • We give management the tools to create prudent credit boxes compliant with SBA’s standard operating procedures.
  • We train your staff to ensure compliance of existing and new SBA rules and regulations.
  • Tips that solve difficult SBA underwriting, servicing and liquidation challenges.

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Bob Coleman
Publisher, Coleman Report