Virginia FY23 SBA 7(a) Rankings Topped by Live Oak Bank and The Huntington National Bank

RANKLender# Loans$ AmountAverage Loan Size
1Live Oak Banking Company (NC)28$41,657,000$1,487,750
2The Huntington National Bank (OH)83$21,882,600$263,646
3Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)41$19,395,500$473,061
4The First Bank and Trust Company (VA)33$18,033,600$546,473
5First National Bank of Pennsylvania (NC)18$16,801,600$933,422
6Woori America Bank (NY)7$15,270,000$2,181,429
7Byline Bank (IL)11$13,887,000$1,262,455
8Fulton Bank, National Association (PA)17$12,593,000$740,765
9GBank (NV)5$12,386,900$2,477,380
10Bank of Clarke (VA)13$12,171,400$936,262
11BayFirst National Bank (FL)54$11,948,400$221,267
12Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (NY)104$11,146,200$107,175
13Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)30$11,051,500$368,383
14First Bank of the Lake (MO)10$10,678,300$1,067,830
15Bank of America, National Association (SC)31$9,535,700$307,603
16Pinnacle Bank (SC)6$9,364,500$1,560,750
17Capital Bank, National Association (MD)9$9,211,500$1,023,500
18Customers Bank (PA)6$8,443,000$1,407,167
19Truist Bank (NC)9$8,146,300$905,144
20Hanover Community Bank (NY)2$7,935,000$3,967,500
21Atlantic Union Bank (VA)9$7,744,000$860,444
22First Chatham Bank (GA)4$7,042,000$1,760,500
23Blue Ridge Bank, National Association (VA)5$6,976,500$1,395,300
24East West Bank (CA)2$6,553,000$3,276,500
25Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (DE)4$6,500,000$1,625,000
26Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)55$6,394,800$116,269
27Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)24$6,369,000$265,375
28First Commonwealth Bank (PA)3$6,189,000$2,063,000
29United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)19$6,138,000$323,053
30First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company (NC)4$5,895,000$1,473,750
31Cadence Bank (MS)21$5,830,000$277,619
32First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)4$5,750,000$1,437,500
33PNC Bank, National Association (DE)17$5,669,700$333,512
34Hanmi Bank (CA)5$5,502,000$1,100,400
35Bank of Charles Town (WV)14$5,271,000$376,500
36SouthState Bank, National Association (FL)20$5,116,800$255,840
37T Bank, National Association (TX)2$4,927,900$2,463,950
38Commercial Bank of California (CA)1$4,790,000$4,790,000
39Citizens Bank (TN)7$4,700,900$671,557
40John Marshall Bank (VA)10$4,685,000$468,500
41TD Bank, National Association (DE)37$4,506,800$121,805
42Dogwood State Bank (NC)6$4,186,200$697,700
43LendingClub Bank, National Association (IL)1$4,130,000$4,130,000
44Evolve Bank and Trust (AR)1$3,847,000$3,847,000
45JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)16$3,674,000$229,625
46Village Bank (VA)6$3,593,300$598,883
47Metro City Bank (GA)4$3,500,000$875,000
48Peoples Bank (MS)2$3,289,400$1,644,700
49Fund-Ex Solutions Group, LLC (FL)1$2,933,500$2,933,500
50Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)16$2,924,000$182,750
51United Community Bank (SC)5$2,905,000$581,000
52Enterprise Bank & Trust (MO)3$2,802,600$934,200
53First Financial Bank (AR)1$2,621,000$2,621,000
54Berkshire Bank (MA)2$2,538,500$1,269,250
55Primis Bank (VA)4$2,263,000$565,750
56EagleBank (MD)2$1,930,000$965,000
57HomeTrust Bank (NC)2$1,759,000$879,500
58Citizens Bank, National Association (RI)2$1,700,000$850,000
59Five Star Bank (CA)6$1,530,000$255,000
60Seacoast National Bank (FL)1$1,519,000$1,519,000
61The Fidelity Bank (NC)1$1,425,000$1,425,000
62FWBank (IL)1$1,403,000$1,403,000
63University of Virginia Community CU, Inc. (VA)4$1,393,000$348,250
64Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC (CA)3$1,392,300$464,100
65Colony Bank (GA)3$1,343,000$447,667
66InBank (CO)1$1,231,000$1,231,000
67The Bancorp Bank National Association (SD)2$1,225,000$612,500
68Bank of Oak Ridge (NC)2$1,133,400$566,700
69Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company (LA)2$1,060,000$530,000
70Skyline National Bank (VA)4$1,005,200$251,300
711st Financial Bank USA (SD)1$1,000,000$1,000,000
72The Freedom Bank of Virginia (NY)1$990,000$990,000
73National Cooperative Bank, National Association (OH)1$950,000$950,000
74CIBC Bank USA (IL)4$901,200$225,300
75Exos Small Business Lending LLC (CO)1$900,000$900,000
76Ameris Bank (GA)1$859,600$859,600
77West Town Bank & Trust (IL)3$850,000$283,333
78Bank of Hope (CA)5$849,000$169,800
79First Business Bank (WI)2$830,000$415,000
80Grasshopper Bank National Association (NY)1$788,000$788,000
81Meridian Bank (PA)1$780,000$780,000
82Northeast Bank (ME)11$777,900$70,718
83MVB Bank, Inc. (WV)1$774,000$774,000
84Capital One, National Association (VA)2$764,000$382,000
85Barwick Banking Company (GA)1$750,000$750,000
86Lendistry SBLC, LLC (CA)2$725,000$362,500
87First Western SBLC, Inc (TX)1$718,000$718,000
88Stone Bank (AR)1$695,000$695,000
89DuPont Community CU (VA)1$645,000$645,000
90Frontier Community Bank (VA)2$570,000$285,000
91Freedom First FCU (VA)2$545,000$272,500
92Farmers & Merchants Bank (VA)3$525,000$175,000
93City National Bank of Florida (FL)1$500,000$500,000
94Stearns Bank National Association (MN)2$490,000$245,000
95Arlington Community FCU (VA)1$480,000$480,000
96Quaint Oak Bank (PA)1$441,000$441,000
97Milestone Bank (UT)1$435,000$435,000
98Farmers & Merchants Bank (MD)1$405,000$405,000
99First IC Bank (GA)1$390,000$390,000
100The Bank of Edison (GA)1$365,500$365,500
101First Community Bank (VA)3$328,300$109,433
102Firstrust Savings Bank (PA)1$316,000$316,000
103U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)1$301,500$301,500
104Locus Bank Inc (VA)2$301,100$150,550
105Tandem Bank (GA)2$300,000$150,000
106New Horizon Bank, National Association (VA)1$300,000$300,000
107MainStreet Bank (VA)1$279,600$279,600
108Newport News Shipbuilding Empl CU Inc d/b/a BayPort CU (VA)6$256,200$42,700
109Oak View National Bank (VA)1$250,000$250,000
110Citibank, N.A. (SD)1$250,000$250,000
111Central Virginia FCU (VA)1$230,000$230,000
112PCB Bank (CA)1$203,000$203,000
113Langley FCU (VA)1$180,000$180,000
114Industrial Bank (DC)1$162,000$162,000
115SNB Bank, National Association (OK)1$150,000$150,000
116FinWise Bank (UT)1$150,000$150,000
117Fountainhead SBF LLC (FL)1$129,200$129,200
118First National Bank (VA)1$80,000$80,000
119Clear Mountain Bank, Inc. (WV)1$72,500$72,500
120CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)1$45,000$45,000

Source: Lumos Data