Welcome to Main Street Monday’s New Editor — Tom Wallace

June 15, 2015

By Tom Wallace
Editor, Main Street Monday

“…through a glass, darkly…”

When I was a young man, introducing myself as a banker had very different connotations, such as: probity, propriety, and prudence.

Last week, I attended the wedding of a family friend’s daughter, and found myself looking at the magnificent stained glass windows in a Basilica. Perhaps ironically, the pew in which I was ensconced provided me with a wonderous view of a particular window, which featured the story of the money changers being driven from the Temple.

Bankers have evidently had image problems and questions of conduct for some time.

Nowadays we find bankers “fixing” foreign exchange rates and even LIBOR, one of the foundations of international commerce. On a smaller scale, we have seen some two hundred indictments by SIGTARP, for criminal acts in domestic commercial banking. Our own world of SBA lending itself has never been free of shady characters.

Nor should we expect it to be.

We deal in human nature, with all which that implies. The failings of fear, pride and greed are never far from any of us. Yet, in spite of that, as SBA lenders to small businesses, we accomplish a tremendous amount of good. Businesses are started and grown, livelihoods and wealth are created, people take dreams and make them reality.

We have a role in all that.

We also have, of necessity, a role in guarding our own conduct, in advising our legislators and regulators on issues, and in preserving and promoting SBA as a means to these good ends.

Good morning from Main Street Monday, and welcome to the task at hand.

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