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  • The Coleman Report (SBA Industry Newsletter for Packagers, Closers, Underwriters, and Servicers/Liquidators)

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  • Coleman’s C-Suite Top Ten Report

Annual Content

  • SBA Department Compensation Survey

On-Demand Training

Over 15 on-demand training webinars are available for Premium Members:

  • Getting Correct Borrower Data in SBA’s Newly Revised 1919 Form
  • New SOP 50 57 3 Released — 7(a) Loan Servicing and Liquidation
  • New SOP 50 10 7 Regulation Changes
  • Protect your SBA PLP License
  • Prepare for Your SBA Loan Audit
  • Mastering the New SBA Franchise Underwriting Loan Rule
  • How to Underwrite the SBA Business Acquisition Loan
  • Refinancing Debt with the SBA 7(a) Loan – Documentation Required to Protect the SBA Guaranty
  • How to Prepare a Credit Memo that gets SBA Loan Approval and Passes SBA Review
  • Are You In Compliance with SBA 7a Collateral Requirements?
  • Correctly Calculate Global Cash Flow the SBA Way — SOP 50 10 6
  • Documenting Equity Injection the SBA Way: Know the 13 Most Common Mistakes in Equity Injection Documentation
  • Mandatory 7a Loan Collateral Insurance Required for SBA Loan Guaranty Purchases
  • Solving Difficult SBA Servicing Problems
  • SBA 7(a) Litigation Plans Compliance, CPC Expense Reimbursement, Wrap-Up Reports Filing Webinar
  • Correctly Prepare the New SBA Guaranty 7(a) Purchase Package
  • Coleman’s 13th Annual Hotel Financing Webinar
  • Coleman’s 11th Annual SBA Restaurant Financing Webinar

Archived Reports

You will also have access to our library of over 50 reports written for the C-Suite and SBA department managers. Topics include:


  • SBA’s 90% Guaranty International Trade Loan Program
  • Underutilized SBA Export Lending Program
  • Expectations Remain High for SBA Secondary Market
  • Small Business Lending is Starting to Get Crowded
  • Tuning Your Credit Policy for SBA Lending
  • SBA 504 Green Lending Can Exceed $5MM Limit
  • 7(a) Program Changes for Loans <$350,000
  • Six Clauses That Can Reduce Future Litigation Costs
  • False Claims Act Enforcements, Criminalizing Bad Loan Decisions
  • What Management Needs to Know About the Small Loan Advantage Program
  • SBA Express Lending – What Senior Management Needs to Know
  • Live Oak Bank — The Business Model

SBA Business Development:

  • Managing Loan Brokers to Grow SBA Loan Business
  • Who Is Your Next Prospect (And Where to Find Them)?
  • Marketing Loans in the 21st Century

SBA Underwriting:

  • Get the Business Appraisal if Total Loan Proceeds Exceed $250,000
  • Understanding SBA SOP 5010 (H) Environmental Requirements Tips for SBA Underwriters
  • The New SBA 7(a) Debt Refinancing Rules
  • SBA SOP Changes to Business Appraisals
  • Changes to the SBA SOP 5010
  • Financing the Zor
  • Business Acquisition Financing-Practice w/Prudence
  • Fifteen Steps to Profitable & Prudent Construction Lending
  • Drilling Deeper to Client Performance With PFS
  • How to Get Better Borrower Financial Information
  • Are You Sure You’re Insured?
  • Setting Borrower Equity Requirements
  • Documenting SBA Borrower Equity Injections
  • Environmental Guidelines for C-Store Lending
  • Underwriting Convenience Store Loans
  • Restaurants are Restaurants, Right?
  • Crafting the SBA Loan Authorization
  • Underwriting Borrower Projections
  • Calculating Borrower Global Cash Flow In Today’s Environment

SBA Loan Closing and Servicing:

  • Perfecting the Art of the Flawless SBA 7(a) Loan Closing

SBA Liquidation:

  • 5 Tips to Accelerate the Liquidation of a 504 1st Loan
  • ‘Offers in Compromise,’ ‘Short Sales,’ and ‘Lien Releases’ – The Tools Used to Liquidate SBA Loans
  • Bankruptcy and the SBA Loan – The Issues You Must Know

Our Coleman Premium Membership content is the solution.

Since 1993, the Coleman Report has been the leading source of information for small business lenders on how to manage the marketing, underwriting, closing, servicing and liquidation of SBA loans.
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  • Manage your BDOs and underwriters to increase the quality of your SBA loan portfolio and reduce losses
  • Eliminate SBA 7(a) repairs and denials of the guaranty
  • Industry trends you need to know to protect your bank’s SBA loan pipeline and portfolio
  • What you need to do to be prepared for your SBA PARRIS review
  • Understand your competitor’s business models
  • How anticipated changes in SBA’s policies will affect you
  • Fairly compensate your business development officers
  • Become an expert of SBA lending macro and micro issues
  • Understand current best practices to expertly manage your SBA loan department

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