Fraud Friday — KERRI AGEE Sentenced to 5 years 8 months in Federal Prison

December 9, 2021
Bob Coleman, Editor, Coleman Report

● Judge reduces Prosecutor recommendation of 8 years

● Kerri simply tried to have it all implies her attorney

● “Priority was Family over Job” that led to “cutting corners”

● “Cultural Pressure” to succeed led to bad judgement

● Citing the “for the Grace of God go I” analogy the attorney said she’s “human” like the rest of us and just made “mistakes.”

The fruits of Kerri Agee’s 13 years of SBA loan fraud have ended with a jail sentence of over five years and the filing of personal bankruptcy.

The former industry icon and founder of Banc-Serv learned of her fate yesterday.

She refused to speak at her sentencing, but her attorney spoke on her behalf.

He said impulsivity and poor judgement “likely” played a role in Agee’s actions, as did pride and the cultural pressure to succeed in her career.

“That sense of helping people out and being good at your job is very, very intoxicating.”

Refusing to accept responsibility, her attorney argued the fraud was due to her being a mother of three and prioritizing her family over her career.

That led her to “cut corners.”

He concluded, “She’s human, like the rest of us. She made some mistakes.”

The judge responded the sentence reflects the seriousness of the crime. Agee was “the organizer and leader of the criminal activity.”

All four co-defendants have been found guilty.

Former Banc-Serv Chief Operating Officer Kelly Isley, was sentenced this week to four years and nine months in prison.

Sentencing hearings for co-defendants, Chad Griffin, Matthew Smith and Nicole Smith-Kelso are scheduled for next week.

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