Main Street Monday — Jennifer Ericson Named Coleman 2018 Mission-Based Lender of the Year

November 19, 2018

Main Street Monday — Jennifer Ericson Named Coleman 2018 Mission-Based Lender of the Year

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Main Street Monday

Jennifer Anderson, President of Community Reinvestment Fund writes, “Jennifer Ericson is a talented director of business development. She continually finds creative ways to better serve small business owners and is truly passionate about finding the best solution for them.

“Her dedication to helping small businesses thrive is a cornerstone of CRF’s Small Business Lending program and drives the entire team forward. Throughout the most difficult transactions, she never fails to keep the customer front of mind and seeks to build a solution around them. Jennifer is a true talent, a superb team player, and a key asset of CRF. Her heart and expertise further CRF’s mission of improving lives through innovative finance every day.”

For the past seven years, Jennifer Ericson has worked tirelessly to promote access to capital to small business owners who need it most. She is an advocate in the community for small businesses as well as within Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF).

No matter how difficult the transaction, Jennifer exhausts every possibility to get the borrowers the capital they need. The most satisfying part of her job, according to her, is “working with people who are taking risks to create jobs and wealth, not just for themselves but for their whole community.”

To Jennifer, CRF’s mission of “improving lives through innovative financial solutions” isn’t just a job, it’s a way to enrich lives and communities throughout the nation and close the widening opportunity gap— particularly for communities of color.

She is especially proud to do this work at CRF because, as a non-bank SBA lender that is also a nonprofit, CRF works to provide access to capital to people and communities who have been left out of the traditional financing system. This allows her to also work collaboratively with other lenders and resources providers to find the best solution for business owners who wouldn’t have access to capital otherwise.

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