SBA Hot Topic Tuesday – Carranza Intends to Prioritize Helping Underserved Communities

December 17, 2019

By Caity Witucki
Contributing Editor, SBA Hot Topic Tuesday

SBA Hot Topic Tuesday – Carranza Intends to Prioritize Helping Underserved Communities

On August 1, 2019, President Donald Trump formally nominated U.S. Treasurer, Jovita Carranza to lead the Small Business Administration. At Carranza’s nomination hearing last Wednesday, she said that, if confirmed, she would focus on helping minorities and entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

During opening statements, Carranza said, “I intend to put particular emphasis on opening more doors for women and entrepreneurs in underserved communities – including military families and veterans. And I intend to prioritize disaster preparedness. I will be a tireless advocate in The Cabinet for small businesses.”

Throughout the hearing, Carranza confirmed that she desires to work closely with each member of the Senate Committee to empower small business entrepreneurs throughout the country. One of her first orders of business, if confirmed, would be to work to optimize the performance of all SBA programs and increase cybersecurity.

Carranza served as SBA’s deputy administrator for more than three years under the George W. Bush administration, but she told the committee that she has been brushing up on the changing needs of small businesses.

Prior to serving in government, Carranza spent more than 20 years working for the United Parcel Service and served as president of the company’s Latin America and Caribbean operations. She told the committee that her experience working with underserved, underbanked, and unbanked communities has increased her awareness of the particular needs of small businesses in these areas.

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