November 17, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, SBA Hot Topic Tuesday

SBA Hot Topic Tuesday — Main Street Demand for Capital to Increase 46% in Next Year

Bank of America’s Small Business Owner’s Report is a handy tool to brush up on need-to-know stats for small business lending professionals.

It’s a slick presentation that reflects Main Street’s attitude about the economy and their outlook of their small business.

Here are 5 quick stats you should know about Main Street:

  1. 35% of Main Street will apply for a loan next year
  2. 72% of Main Street expects their revenues to increase next year
  3. 62% of Main Street is confident their local economy is improving
  4. 67% of Main Street plans on hiring more employees next year
  5. 85% of Main Street is embracing new technology

Read the Bank of America Fall 2015 Small Business Owner Report here.