C-Suite Wednesday –  SBA Updates the 7(a) Lender Oversight Fee Schedule

May 26, 2021

Caity Roach

C-Suite Wednesday –  SBA Updates the 7(a) Lender Oversight Fee Schedule

Last week, the SBA issued an updated fee schedule for FY 2021. Effective immediately until  September 30, 2021, the annual fee for lender oversight will be $127.96 (for SBA supervised lenders) and $133.14 (for federally regulated 7(a) lenders). The fees are expressed in terms of the charges per $1 million in the lender’s portfolio with different rates based on whether the lender has delegated authority.

The charge for federally regulated 7(a) lenders is slightly higher because it includes the costs associated with oversight tools that are not applicable to SBA supervised lenders. For FY 2021, the additional fee for delegated authority lenders is approximately $12 for every $1 million in 7(a) guaranteed dollars a delegated lender has outstanding. This fee covers the costs of delegated authority reviews and is assessed annually based on each delegated lender’s portion of the total dollar amount of 7(a) guarantees in their SBA loan portfolio as of the end of the prior fiscal year.

When calculating FY 2021 fees, the SBA will not include Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. However, the SBA information notice accompanying the updated fee schedule states that if the SBA decides to charge a separate fee for PPP oversight, it will issue a separate notice to inform lenders.

Questions regarding the updated fee schedule may be directed to Nichole Hinds, a Supervisory Program Analyst in the Office of Credit Risk Management. 

SBA Information Notice 5000-811236