Small Business Lending Stats Tuesday — Thomas USAF Announces its Sixth Fund: USAF 6, LP

May 5, 2015

By Mike Thomas
Chairman of USAF Funds

I am pleased to announce the formation of our sixth USAF fund USAF 6, LP!

Starting with the creation of the interest only SBA strip and stripping, both Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns SBA loan portfolio in 1987, USAF Funds have purchased and stripped over $ 2.5 Billion in loans and currently co-service over $800 Million in government guaranteed loans.

USAF Funds have established themselves as a leading buyer of USDA B&I and CF loans as well as select SBA loans since 1986.

* USAF I was established in 1986 and in 1990 sold to Union Planters Bank.
* Thomas USAF was established in 2003 and is still operational.
* USAF II was established in 2003. It was sold to Fortress Investments in 2009.
* USAF III was established in 2007. It was sold to Fortress Investments in 2009.
* McDonald USAF was established in 2011 and is still operational.
* Thomas USAF Group and McDonald USAF continue to co-service over $800 Million in loans.

Thomas USAF and McDonald USAF together purchased 26% of the SBA 504 first mortgage loans guaranteed under the FMLP program.

On reaching this milestone, the establishment of our sixth fund in our 16th year in the secondary market is part of our ongoing commitment to serve the needs of community banks looking to recycle liquidity and maximize profits at the same time.

What sets USAF apart from our competition is that we do not trade loans at a profit. Instead, we keep the loan for life, thereby ensuring that our interests are aligned with that of the Lender and the Agency.

Our background in origination, underwriting and making loans as well as buying loans helps us guide community banks in not only navigating the regulatory maze, but also helps them navigate the yield curve.

Call Vasu Srinivasan, President of Thomas USAF Group, at 404-365-2030 with any further inquiries.

Download a PDF of Samples of Recently Purchased Loans by Thomas USAF