Fraud Friday — Nik Patel’s Partner Gets 10 Years in Jail

May 4, 2018

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Fraud Friday

Fraud Friday — Nik Patel’s Partner Gets 10 Years in Jail

Wanna-be movie producer and photoshop document creator extraordinaire, Timothy Fisher will spending a decade of his life in jail.

“The defendant’s dishonesty was not a single lapse of judgment, but rather, involved years of significant deceit. His scheme, born of greed, won him millions and was devastating to the investors who were unwitting victims.” says the prosecutor.

“Fraudulent transactions like these cause harm to companies, the financial industry, and the individuals whose hard-earned money is invested as a means of planning for their future,” says the Department of Labor. “These crimes undermine legitimate companies and compromise the financial integrity of benefit plans.”

Timothy, 41, admits he created fictitious financial statements and wired funds to Nik Patel.

Nik Patel was sentenced to 25 years in jail last month in the $179 million USDA b&i loan fraud.

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